Kerem Görsev Trio & Ernie Watts

17 September 2014
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The Kerem Görsev Trio & Ernie Watts concert, which took place on September 17 at METU Vişnelik Grass Amphitheater as part of the 3 Nights 3 Stars - Classical & Jazz Music Festival events, was charming and enjoyable despite the cool weather. The concert experience, which took place outside the formality of indoor venues, was delightful.

It was also very successful in reflecting the hunger of not being able to listen to such a performance for a long time and remembering the music of such an energetic and enjoyable team in the best way. With Ernie Watts's response to Kerem Görsev's entertaining side, they gave the audience an enjoyable and good time. I think what I like most about the concert, which took place in the open air, is that Kerem Görsev, who walks out of the audience at the end of the show, is pleasant despite his tiredness, among many people waiting to have their albums signed and to be photographed. It seemed. This is an excellent and beautiful detail for an artist.

I also took photos at the concert, taking advantage of the opportunity. I hope you will like it (:



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